CBM Sticker Combo

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Pixel Peeker: Enjoy this vinyl sticker by placing it wherever you need a catboy peek-a-boo to make you smile. It goes great on the window of your car, making Pixel a perfect passenger in your adventures. *please note, this sticker doesn't count as a passenger for carpool lanes and we are not responsible for any fines you might receive. (Size: 3" x 2.2")

Pixel Phone: Your face when you're asked to leave a message but you're unprepared and now you have to call back later because you didn't think of what you would say in a voicemail and only what you would say over the phone but it's too late it's already recording and you don't want to just breathe into the phone as a message so you stammer out a joke of a voicemail and it looks like this product description and it feels like it goes on forever until you finish and hang up and completely forgot to leave your name and number. (Size: 2" x 3.1")

Official YNM art by catboymech, character owned by catboymech

• PET laminate with UV screening to protect from weather and sunlight
• 2-4 year outdoor life